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Custom Orthopedic Shoes in Mississauga

At Foundation Chiropody, we want to help our patients soothe their pain using custom orthotic shoes at our Mississauga foot clinic. We start with an assessment, quickly followed by a treatment plan designed to diminish your pain. When you meet with one of our chiropodists, they may suggest one of the following therapies:

Prescription/Custom Footwear

If custom orthotics is the right course for you, Foundation Chiropody will use the latest technology to assess your needs. First, we conduct a bio-mechanical assessment to obtain a 3D laser image of your feet. Using this 3D image, we make a plaster of your feet. This plaster is then used to construct your custom footwear.

Orthopedic Footwear

Our patients often require special shoes to mitigate their body pain. Custom orthopedic shoes have a firm heel, wide toe box, moderate heel and extra room in case feet swell. These soles balance the foot, alleviating any excess pressure you may experience.

Gel, Foam, and Felt Foot Pads

If you are suffering from bunions or corns, then foot pads made from gel, foam or felt may help alleviate pain. These adhesive pads protect your feet from rubbing against the shoe, which could make sore spots more painful.

Compression Stockings

If your legs and ankles are swollen or you are suffering with varicose veins, active/healed venous ulcers, venous insufficiency, compression stockings can help you. These stockings are designed with gradient compression which means they are the tightest at your feet and ankle in order to help the flow of fluid back up your legs. When you stand or sit, gravitational force helps the fluid to build up in your legs. With compression stockings therapy, your blood circulation will improve.

Help your tired or achy legs feel energized with the reduction fluid build-up in your veins/legs with compression stockings. The stockings are available in different gradients (strengths) and lengths.

How Can Foundation Chiropody Help Me?

Contact us to discover for yourself the relief that comes from wearing orthopedic shoes at our foot clinic in Mississauga. Foundation Chiropody is a family foot clinic that helps everyone, from children to grandparents. We are also covered under most private insurance plans. Don’t let uncomfortable feet control your life anymore. Call 905-916-3668 or email us to set up an appointment.

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