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We Create Custom Orthotics in Mississauga for Adults & Children

Custom orthotics can treat or prevent motions that can cause injury and redistribute pressure to alleviate pain. Three common types of foot orthotics are: 





Custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet by a qualified chiropodist in which impressions are taken of your feet. A qualified specialist uses the casts to make orthotics unique to your feet. 

Customized orthotics are usually a result of standing on a computerized force platform. The information taken is used to modify a pre-manufactured insole. Though a force platform effectively evaluates some pressure distribution issues, it is not the same as a custom orthotic. 

Off-the-shelf products are what are usually found in drug or sports stores. Our specialists sometimes recommend these to treat minor foot problems. 
If you are looking for orthotics in Mississauga, reach out to us. 

Children’s Feet

Foundation Chiropody understands those young feet need time and proper protection to develop appropriately. Your child’s foot is physically different from an adult’s foot and should be checked from an early age.  

From advising you on proper footwear to treating nail and skin conditions, we can help. We can even prescribe pediatric foot braces or custom orthotics in Mississauga. 


Pediatric foot problems are typically a result of:



Weight gain

Congenital and developmental conditions

As a trusted source of orthotics in Mississauga, Foundation Chiropody stresses the importance of appropriate screening and diagnosis to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Contact us to learn more about orthotics!

How Can Orthotics Help? 

Orthotics are often combined with other treatments like supportive shoes or physical therapy. They play a vital role in correcting your foot’s position. Based on your foot condition, you can choose from the type of orthotics: 


  • Rigid orthotics 
  • Full-shoe inserts 
  • Ankle-foot orthotics 


The doctor or orthotist prescribes the material of your orthotics after analyzing the symptoms. However, certain factors might affect the effectiveness of your orthotics. For instance, your orthotics prescription, the type of shoe, and how often you wear it.  

Visit Foundation Chiropody for all your orthotics needs in Mississauga. We ensure that you get the right fit for better results.  

Tips for Buying Orthotics in Mississauga 

It is surprising that many aches and pains are caused by your feet. A misaligned foot or ankle can cause discomfort and instability throughout your body. Orthotic treatments are helpful in cases of arthritis, bunions and calluses, and flat feet, among others.  

Some of the tips you can follow for buying orthotics in Mississauga are: 


  • Wear your favourite or comfortable shoes when buying orthotics.
  •  It is important to understand your foot type and condition for orthotics.  
  • It is suggested to consider your activities that require orthotics.  
  • It is important to consult an experienced orthotist or get a prescription.  
  • Every foot is unique, so getting customized orthotics for your feet is advised. 


At Foundation Chiropody, we use state-of-the-art technology and tools so that we can meet your diverse yet specific orthotics needs.

Feel free to get in touch with our professionals for expert solutions. We can help you make an informed decision. Check out our blog!  


Foot Pain?

Foundation Chiropody has your solution.

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